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PERIPERA Peri's Mini Fridge Dal Dal Factory Collection Limited Edition

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Limited Edition = Mini Fridge Shaped Makeup Case + DIY Refrigerator Contents Miniatures + 5 kinds of PERIPERA tint mini(PERIPERA Ink the velvet tint No.16_2.7g, Vivid Water Tint No.2_3.5g, Vivid Water Tint No.6_3.5g, Ink liquid cheek Flushed Peach Pink_2.7g, Ink Multi-shadowing_2.7g)

Net Weight: (2.7g x 3)+(3.5g x 2)+Makeup Case+DIY Miniatures

Apply an appropriate amount of PERIPERA tints on your lip or cheek. Refer to pictures.
Happily assemble cute Fridge Miniatures. Put PERIPERA tints in the Mini Fridge Makeup Case. Decorate your lovely dressing table with 'PERIPERA Peri's Mini Fridge Dal Dal Factory Collection'.
it's coming soon.
It is so cute and lovely. This fridge-shaped makeup case is fun to make on your own. In addition, putting the enclosed 'PERIPERA TINTS' in the refrigerator makeup case, the fun doubles. Have a fun time to return to the childlike innocence with 'PERIPERA Peri's Mini Fridge Dal Dal Factory Collection'.