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MISSHA Near Skin Visible Deep Wrinkle Filler

This wrinkle filler is famous for excellent instant wrinkle cover and sustainability. Functional ingredients of wrinkle treatment and wrinkle prevention patented in Europe. Wrinkle-Out Elastomer: hiden wrinkles, elastic skin. Syn ®-Ake: The peptides, similar structure with  snake venom, improve skin elasticity and skin texture by patents in Europe and the world. Decorinyl, Hydra-Plumper, neuropeptide.
MISSHA Near Skin Visible Deep Wrinkle Filler 0.68 oz.
Use this on last step of skin care in the morning. apply it on the eye and wrinkled area appropriate amount. Gently massage the eye area by tapping with fingertips. Mix 1:1 with BB or foundation, you can cover easily and effectively the face wrinkles.