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ETUDE Every Month Cleansing Cream

#1 Moisture & Revitalizing - Moisturizing+Revitalizing+Removing skin impurities+Soothing+Makeup Cleansing Effect
12 kinds of moisture retention ingredients: Centella asiatica Urban extract, birch extract, hazelnut bud extract, olive bud extract, black currant leaf extract, pomegranate, apple, lemon, blueberry, red wine, green tea, tea tree, aloe vera and orange.

#2 Soft & Moist - Nutrition+Moisture+Removing skin impurities+Soothing+Makeup Cleansing
12 kinds of nutrition ingredients: Rosehip flower oil, orange oil, lavender oil, camellia oil, sesame oil, rice, cucumber, broccoli, lotus germ extract, avocado, shea butter, chamomile and Walnut. 

Directions: Before washing face, apply an appropriate amount of this cleansing cream and gently massage your face (especially point-makeup areas). Softly wipe with tissues.