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ETUDE Dr.Ampole Dual Black Mask Sheet Set

[Pore Clearing]+[Skin Purifying]= A Set of 2 kinds mask sheets.
Containing Oak Charcoal extract in the mask sheet: Pore-cleansing and Pore-minimizing.
[Pore Cleansing] 1 step ampoule: Carbonated water. 2 step: sheet-type pack: Containing Chestnut bark, leaf tea tree, peppermint, papaya leaves and lemon extracts: Pore-cleansing and Pore-minimizing.
[Skin Purifying] 1 step ampoule: Lotus flower water. 2 step: sheet-type pack: Containing black tea, lemon balm, rose hips, Black Pearl, Mellberg and snow lotus extracts: Brightening and soothing.
Net Volume: 2 ml + 30 ml(in sheet).