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ETUDE Black Head Remover Dual Sheet

Two-stage blackhead removal and care system formulated with fruit and herbal extracts.

ETUDE, Black Head Remover Dual Sheet

Step 1. Black Head Remover Sheet Vol. 3ml 
Formulated with a fruit complex to supply Alpha Hydroxy Acids for mild skin peel exfoliation, remover sheet draws out pore residues for wipe off removal. Contains Orange, Lemon and Grape extracts.
Step 2. Tightening Gel Sheet Vol. 1.2 g
Formulated with fresh herbs to heal and soothe pores, gel sheet tightens and nourishes pores with cooling sensation. Contains Rosemary, Lavender and peppermint.

Use Mask Sheet for Nose Pores minimizing
Vol  3ml + 1.2g


  1. Remove film from remover sheet and adhere remover sheet over nasal area. Leave on for 15 minutes then remove. Tip: Use either warm water or steamed towel to open pores prior to application.
  2. Use cotton swab or pad to wipe exposed sebum, blackheads and whiteheads with downward motion.
  3. Remove film from gel sheet and adhere gel sheet to same area. Leave on for 15 minutes then remove.

Step 1

Step 2