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ARITAUM IDOL Real Lash Fixer

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Longer and Volume eyelash UP, Curl Fix, Coating Fix, Smudge-proof, Long-lasting. Half-transparent Gel texture: Long-lasting Curling. Black Mascara + Mascara Fixer + Top Coat = 3 in 1. Waterproof. Sweat-proof. Sebum-proof. Long-lasting.

Net Weight: 8 ml

Make eyelash-curl with an eyelash curler. Apply this fixer. After drying this mascara fixer, apply your own mascara. You can perfectly last Curling and Volume eyelash with this 'ARITAUM IDOL Real Lash Fixer'.
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You will experience an amazingly long lasting eyelash makeup with this 'ARITAUM IDOL Real Lash Fixer'.