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Appree Birch leaf transparent sticky memo notes Large

Composition: 20 X 4 sheets
Material: Paper, PVC
Color: Transparent
Size(inch): 5.90 X 7.87 inches
Width(cm): 15.00
Height(cm): 20.00

Appree Birch leaf transparent sticky memo notes Large by Appree. Feel relaxed and peaceful nature in buildings during busy everyday life. It can move the nature around your desk beyond the function of note. You can keep your precious memo on the Sticky leaf and send hopeful message to special people to you.


  • Size:
    - Leaf size(L): 7.6 X 3.7 cm (2.99 X 1.45 inches)
    - Leaf size(S): 6 X 2 cm (2.36 X 0.78 inches)
    - Package size: 15 X 20 cm (5.90 X 7.87 inches)